About Us

In 1983, John and Elaine Byrnside still had children in school and needed to supplement his military retirement income. They borrowed $15,000 and bought the necessary equipment to begin parking lot striping and sealcoating. Our first office was located in a closet underneath the stairwell of their home and as the jobs began to come in, we rented a facility that would soon become our new office. In 1998, Elaine retired and their daughter, Deborah, became the new Office Manager. In 2011, ChemSeal was able to ground break on our very own building and we have been occupying it ever since.

Since then, Deborah has become the sole owner, making ChemSeal a woman owned business. Her husband, Carlos, has become the Operations Manager after retiring from Precision Components Inc. as an Engineering Manager. Their son, Victor, has become the Staff Engineer upon graduating from Southern Polytechnic University with a Civil Engineering degree. Their daughter, Alison, has become the Communications Manager. Deborah’s brother, Michael, has been a dedicated crew member for many years, and various family members and friends have completed internships at the company.

The scope of our work is not simple and day after day, we face new challenges; however, we are dedicated to overcoming and growing from them. We pride ourselves on educating our customers and our community on different traffic paints, codes, sealcoating, and various other aspects of our scope of work. In the end, there is never a job too big or too small and ChemSeal welcomes them all!