Sealcoating beautifies and protects asphalt.  Left untreated, asphalt pavement will deteriorate rapidly. Asphalt is an expensive investment and should be protected. Sealcoating offers protection from:



ChemSeal Asphalt Maintenance provides parking lot striping.  We can design your layout or follow a blueprint drawing.  We always attempt to get you the most parking spaces possible.  Our paints meet Federal and state specifications.  They are manufactured for high traffic use and can handle the abuse.  We can adjust existing parking spaces to adhere to the ADA laws which are currently going through an enforcement crack down.....


Thermoplastic Material

ChemSeal Asphalt Maintenance is experienced in thermoplastic application.  We can either apply the liquid thermoplastic material, or a hot extruded thermoplastic material.  Thermoplastic is a much more durable material then roadway traffic paint.....


Asphalt Repair

ChemSeal Asphalt Maintenance takes great pride in our asphalt repair division.  We will meet with you, assess your property, and discuss what will work best to repair your property.  Some examples of our services include:

Crack Filling: This is a service that is often overlooked by parking lot owners and property managers.  Asphalt will crack for many reasons like temperature changes and age.  When these cracks open up water is allowed to flow under the asphalt and erode the base upon which your asphalt sits.  When you notice cracks appearing in your asphalt have them filled immediately otherwise, you are asking for some serious damage....


Additional Services

ChemSeal Asphalt Maintenance can provide other services in parkng lots or on roadways such as signage, wheel stops, and speed bumps.


Reflective Pavement Markers (RPM)

We furnish and install RPM's to roadway and parking lot surfaces.

  • White markers — for lane marker or to mark the right pavement edge.

  • Yellow or orange markers — These separate traffic moving in opposite directions, or mark the left pavement edge on one-way roadways....


Recreational Surface Coating

Tennis court resurfacing is not merely painting a tennis court.  Our four to five coat system allows us when resurfacing a tennis court to basically give the court an entirely new surface, not a paint job. The colored surface of a tennis court surface serves three purposes . It protects the asphalt or concrete from the damaging U.V. rays of the sun while providing a rich, aesthetically pleasing contrast for ball visibility, and an evenly textured surface for a consistent ball bounce. Before color and our razor sharp lines hit your court, there is a lot of work to be done...


Decorative Driveways / Stamped Asphalt

Stamped Asphalt Surfacing System consists of stamping a template into freshly placed or re-heated asphalt followed by the application of a polymer modified coating.

Stamped Asphalt Coatings have been developed with input from installers... polymer chemists and manufacturers to provide a durable, slip-resistant attractive user friendly coating.

The system is applied by installers...