Reflective Pavement Markers

We furnish and install RPM's to roadway and parking lot surfaces.

  • White markers — for lane marker or to mark the right pavement edge.

  • Yellow or orange markers — These separate traffic moving in opposite directions, or mark the left pavement edge on one-way roadways.

  • Blue markers — Usually placed in the center of the roadway to mark the location of fire hydrants on the shoulder or at the curb.

  • Green markers — Usually used to indicate that emergency vehicles can open gates to enter a gated community.

Colors can also be combined, with a different color facing each direction:

  • White and red or yellow and red — white or yellow for normal use in one direction, and red to indicate "do not enter" or "wrong way" in the other direction

  • White and black — white for marking lane restrictions (such as an HOV diamond) in one direction on a roadway that has "reversible" traffic flow, and black in the other direction when the markings don't apply

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