Additional Services


ChemSeal Asphalt Maintenance can provide and install any type of traffic sign you may need.  These signs include but are not limited to: Department of Transporation signage, Firelane, Handicap, Fuel Efficient Vehicle Parking, Car Pool Vehicle Parking, Visitor, Pastor, Expectant Mother, Reserved, 15 Minute Parking  ect.  All signs meet the requirements of reflectivity and are designed with safety in mind. We have various types of posts and the equipment needed to adhere the signs to your choice of posts.  

Wheel Stops

ChemSeal Asphalt Maintenance furnishes and installs all types of wheel stops.  We have various sizes and different types of materials.  We have concrete and rebar, recycled rubber, and plastic. Some of these are available with reflective materials for safety.

Speed Bumps

We also furnish and install speed bumps in recycled rubber with reflective media attached warning motorists as to their approach and to slow down.  We can paint existing asphalt speed bumps adding reflective media to warn motorist of the upcoming speed bump.