Recreational Surface Coating

Tennis court resurfacing is not merely painting a tennis court.  Our four to five coat system allows us when resurfacing a tennis court to basically give the court an entirely new surface, not a paint job. The colored surface of a tennis court surface serves three purposes . It protects the asphalt or concrete from the damaging U.V. rays of the sun while providing a rich, aesthetically pleasing contrast for ball visibility, and an evenly textured surface for a consistent ball bounce. Before color and our razor sharp lines hit your court, there is a lot of work to be done.

The court is cleaned and the cracks and holes are filled with an acrylic court patch binder, cement and silica sand mixture.  After the cracks are filled, it's time to give the court a new canvass.  We apply a 100% acrylic black resurfacer.  Additional  imperfections to the court are fixed at this time.  In some cases, a second coat of black resurfacer is required to further remove imperfections in the court.  When getting a bid for tennis court surfacing, make sure you know what you are paying for.  One less coat of product might not look any different to you upon completion, but surely will three years down the road.

When you are resurfacing your existing court or a new one you have choices, we have a color chart for you to look at and chose your favorites. This is the perfect time to change the color of your existing court.  Chose your favorite sports team colors or the U.S. open court colors the choices are yours.

We resurface and mark all types of recreational surfaces such as, tennis, basketball, roller hockey, running tracks, and shuffleboards.

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