Asphalt Repair

ChemSeal Asphalt Maintenance takes great pride in our asphalt repair division.  We will meet with you, assess your property, and discuss what will work best to repair your property.  Some examples of our services include:

Crack Filling: This is a service that is often overlooked by parking lot owners and property managers.  Asphalt will crack for many reasons like temperature changes and age.  When these cracks open up water is allowed to flow under the asphalt and erode the base upon which your asphalt sits.  When you notice cracks appearing in your asphalt have them filled immediately otherwise, you are asking for some serious damage.  Preservation can cost very little compared to complete replacement.  The proper application of quality crack sealants extends the pavement lifecycle.  ChemSeal Asphalt Maintenance uses machine applied hot-pour crack sealant that forms a durable waterproof bond that fills in, levels, and smooth's the cracked surface.

Infrared Heating Machine repairs: With this machine we can heat up and soften a localized area of the damaged asphalt.  Rework the asphalt, add new hot plant mix asphalt if needed, and re-compact to grade eliminating the surface deterioration. This can be used on potholes, bad joints, segregation, bird baths, ect.

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